Poetry Yoga

18688 FM 986
Poetry, Texas  75160

Get stronger, more flexible, and less stressed in a yoga class without all the Eastern philosophies.   

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to receive schedule reminders, changes, and notices:  [email protected]

REGULAR 50+ CLASSES in person or online Mondays and Wednesdays at 5:45-6:45 p.m. 
In person requires an RSVP to promote social space at 972-210-1560 link or the Poetry Yoga Facebook Messenger group. Text 972-210-1560 to get the Zoom link.  RESTORATIVE CLASSES on Fridays tba.


Come the 1st time just to check it out and enjoy the experience!   No formal fees are charged by the instructor
Optional Donation-Based Service.  Typical historical donations have been around $5 to drop-in, $15 for 4 sessions. 

Wear comfortable stretchy clothes and be prepared to go barefoot (or wear yoga socks). 
Bring a mat and strap or use ours.  Straps, blocks, and cushions are provided (or you can bring your own). 
Some students prefer to bring a water bottle. 
Tip:  A light snack before class is fine, but it is suggested that regular meals wait until after class(In-person
or at least an hour before class. 
If you prefer to use your own items, check out Walmart, Ross, TJ Maxx, and Amazon.

MORE INFORMATION ON 50+ REGULAR CLASSES:  If you are 50+ and seek an opportunity to strengthen, stretch, and improve balance, then the 50+ Regular Class is for you! Classes begin with a number of healthy stretches and warmups followed by series work to increase the cardio/heart rate. Iron yoga, holding positions with hand weights, is also included to improve strength, particularly through the upper body.  Balance relies on muscle strength, proprioceptors, vision, and semi-circular canal functioning--all which change with age. Therefore, this class will include plenty of balance work to improve agility and balance. Straps, weights, mats included or you can bring your own.  Modifications provided if needed.  Each class ends with relaxation, so you leave with a sense of fitness and refreshment.

MORE INFORMATION ON RESTORATIVE CLASSES:  If you seek an opportunity to unwind, relax and stretch tight muscles, then the Restorative Class is for you. It includes a variety of stretches including supported stretches (with provided cushions) that are held for a number of minutes to allow the body to "relax and adjust into the stretch."  Each class will include at least one balancing posture.  Our lives are so stressful--replete with one task after another without giving ourselves an opportunity to stop and relax.  Many have simply forgotten how to do so.  What may appear to be an easy class is often challenging to those who have forgotten how to stretch and relax.  Ease tired and tight muscles and connective tissues while giving yourself permission to unwind.  Learn to do so in this calm and healthy class.